Roblox Dream Diary

by Everest Pipkin.

This is an ongoing collection of strange and beautiful places, each one inspired by one of the author’s dreams, connected through a hub world of glowing doorways. I’m still pretty new to Roblox, but I’ve yet to really see anything else like this on the platform.

One of the really interesting things about Roblox is that you play each game as you. As the avatar that you’ve personally created – and it’s the same avatar in almost every game on the platform, no matter whether you’re breaking out of prison, driving trains around rural Wales, or running around in someone else’s dreams. I love that. I think that’s particularly interesting in a game like this.

So far, I’ve only run around in these dream worlds alone, but it looks like the server limit on the game is set to 50 players, and I’m really excited by the idea of exploring these places with more people.

[Play on Roblox (account signup required)]

Seek Magician

by Moss Salamander.

Seek Magician is a classic RPG inspired by Space Funeral. You play as a frog trying to become a great magician, travelling the world and learning new spells from other magicians you meet.

Generally I’m more into mechanically driven games, but I really like the influence Space Funeral has had on RPG Maker games over the past decade – a shift in focus to making worlds that are funny to explore and hang out in, where the fights don’t really matter and the NPCs say things like “My clothes are made out of FILTH”.

[Download for Windows (]

(via @netgal_emi, thanks!)


by TmanDaCool.

SPEED RUN 15 is a Roblox game (it’s completely free, but you do need to sign up for a free Roblox account first). Recently, I’ve been getting into Roblox in a big way – there is so much interesting stuff happening on the platform, and I would love to start covering some of it here.

Unfortunately, Roblox games really push against what I think of as the “rules” for this site –

  • I prefer to highlight recent releases, and it seems there’s really no good way to keep track of newly released Roblox games. By the time games hit the up-and-coming category, they’ve often been out for months, slowly spreading by word of mouth.
  • I also prefer to highlight “finished” games, rather than demos or prototypes – but on Roblox, it feels like almost everything on the platform is in a kind of perpetual early access, more updates always coming soon.
  • “Free” is a pretty important concept to me too, and while virtually everything on the platform can be played for free, even throwaway joke games will often let you pay 20 Robux (about 7 cents) for a fidget spinner or whatever. So that’s confusing.

But my own recent experiments on the platform have made me determined to figure out how to talk about all this, because there’s a whole universe of amazing creative work on here that is largely not getting talked about in my circles of game development. Roblox is making game development accessible to millions of people, many of them kids. Not only is it providing an excellent (free!) tool to make games with, it’s giving people the power to create their own online spaces for their friends – which is a particularly big deal with the pandemic.

So, SPEED RUN 15, then!

  • Because this game was made as an April Fool’s joke, it gives me a rare chance to talk about a Roblox game that’s just come out.
  • It’s also (probably?) not getting any updates, so it’s finished (the dead end in the Baudi stage is the end, I think, unless I’m missing something)
  • And while at first glance it appears to have microtransations, it’s actually just making fun of microtransations. Excellent!

This is a 3D platformer (or Obby, as they’re called on Roblox) with the player speed dialled all the way up to 11. It’s incredibly dumb and hilarious and only a few minutes long, which I think makes it a perfect introduction to the platform.

[Play on Roblox (account signup required)]

(and if you’re new to Roblox, and want some suggestions for what to play next, I recommend Goldie’s recent medium post, where she talks about her experiences discovering Roblox over the past year, and lists some of her favourite games.)