by Nathan Powless-Lynes.

Tongue-Tied is a game about licking a frozen metal pole, and then trying to free yourself. Oh my god. That is a solid game jam idea right there.

Honestly, I’m not sure how you could improve this – it’s kind of a perfect videogame. It’s short, it’s got a lot of great moments along the way, and it’s got a fantastic punchline. Highly recommended.

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Fallen Shovel

by Robin ‘Silkworm’ Velu.

In Fallen Shovel, you play as “ShoveLucifer”, imprisoned in Heaven for Shovel related sins. Can you descend through the nine circles of hell to claim your rightful place on the throne? Can you?

Anyway, this is great! It’s a really nice feeling platformer, with some cool level design along the way. I particularly like how it establishes a little vocabulary of game elements, only to then re-purpose things as you get further down. A really nicely made thing, especially for a Ludum Dare 48 hour compo entry.

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