Sky of Secrets


Explore a giant castle in the sky, and find the treasures hidden within.

My friends and I played this at our last games morning, and we had such a good time! We started out exploring the castle separately, and then came together at the end to combine our knowledge and piece it all together. “How did you get the orange key?” “It’s over here, follow me!”

While it’s not really that complicated, figuring out how it’s all connected was incredibly satisfying – it’s a really nice space to build a mental map of.

This time, we were exploring the handcrafted “Castle Antiquita” starting level, which we completed – but the game also has a mysterious “castle of the day” mode (as well as two more handcrafted castles), which we were all excited to try out soon.

[Play on Roblox (account signup required)]

(via Roblox Underrated Games, thanks!)

Dragondot 3

by NMcCoy.

Gather gold and bring it back to your lair to grow in power! It’s a charming adventure game with fun combat, secrets to find and new abilities to learn.

I discovered this little game on the recently featured section of the Lexaloffle BBS, though it seems like it’s been around for a couple of years. It’s the third game in a series that goes back to the distant days of Java web applets, so the previous iterations are no longer playable.

[Play online (Lexaloffle BBS)]

rng difficulty chart obby

by Legendarykittens44.

This week, I was reminded of this little roblox (experiment? parody? experience!) that I really like. It’s inspired by difficulty chart obbys, an obby subgenre that strictly orders its levels by difficulty to provide you a measure of… uh, how good you are at obbys.

In this one, whether you pass or fail a level is down to sheer luck – starting at 50/50 odds on the first level, and getting worse and worse from there.

[Play on Roblox (account signup required)]