Terry’s Free Game of the Week is no longer updated. Thanks for reading! – Terry, May 2023

Who are you, and what is this?

Hi! I’m indie game designer Terry Cavanagh, creator of VVVVVV, Super Hexagon and Dicey Dungeons, as well as a bunch of freeware games.

On this site, I highlight one freeware game a week that I think is worth playing. New games generally go up on Fridays, and usually I prefer to highlight recent games.


I believe in freeware! I think that the creation of non-commercial work is important to the video game design practice, and I wanted there to be more places out there that highlighted these kinds of games.

Didn’t you used to have a site that covered freeware games before?

Yep! From 2012-2014, I helped curate games on FreeIndieGam.es. We had a good run!

Why do you include Roblox games?

Ah, it’s complicated. Roblox as a platform has its problems, but its free, accessible, beginner friendly tool isn’t one of them.

There’s a lot of cool work happening there, made by people who might not be making games otherwise, and ultimately to me it just feels wrong to say that it somehow “doesn’t count”. So when I come across something I like on the platform that feels like a good fit for this site, I post it.

Where can I find more freeware games?

I recommend checking out the following sites, which regularly cover interesting freeware games:

warp door: the most modern incarnation of indygamer blogspot, probably the best curated source of freeware games on the internet!

freegameplanet.com: A spin off of alphabetagamer.com (which mostly writes about early access games), freegameplanet is an excellent resource and has been covering freeware since 2014.

@wf__games: “just a collection of weird fucking video games“. Focuses on highlighting the weird and wonderful, mostly posts freeware.

Roblox Underrated Games: By far the best source I’ve found for discovering unique and interesting experiences on the Roblox platform.

bontegames: The personal blog of indie game developer Bart Bonte. As well his own games, Bart also frequently posts links to other browser and mobile games that he likes, and he has great taste!

(last updated May 2023)