Who are you, and what is this?

Hi! I’m indie game designer Terry Cavanagh, creator of VVVVVV, Super Hexagon and Dicey Dungeons, as well as a bunch of freeware games.

On this site, I highlight one freeware game a week that I think is worth playing. New games generally go up on Fridays, and usually I prefer to highlight recent games.


I believe in freeware! I think that the creation of non-commercial work is important to the video game design practice, and I wanted there to be more places out there that highlighted these kinds of games.

Didn’t you used to have a site that covered freeware games before?

Yep! From 2012-2014, I helped curate games on FreeIndieGam.es. We had a good run!

Why do you include Roblox games?

Basically, I feel like there are a lot of interesting free games made in Roblox that are completely ignored in traditional indie games circles. Personally, I’m sorta fascinated by the space right now, and I would love to see more overlap between people making free Roblox games and people making freeware! (I wrote a little bit about it in this post.)

Hey, I follow you on Twitter and I’m not interested in this. Could you make a new twitter account or something?

Sorry, nope! I think most people on twitter who follow me are probably interested in my game recommendations, and one of the reasons I started this site is to try and do something good with the number of twitter followers I have. If you’re not interested, I recommend just muting this domain on twitter!

Where can I find more freeware games?

I recommend checking out the following sites, which regularly cover interesting freeware games:

freeindiega.me: No relation to my old site; features one free game at a time, with a great archive of interesting work.

warp door: the most modern incarnation of indygamer blogspot, probably the best curated source of freeware games on the internet!

freegameplanet.com: A spin off of alphabetagamer.com (which mostly writes about early access games), freegameplanet is an excellent resource and has been covering freeware since 2014.

@wf__games: “just a collection of weird fucking video games“. Focuses on highlighting the weird and wonderful in newly released freeware.

game-curator.com: A really great site, also has a very good corresponding twitter account @thegamecurator.

(For Roblox games, I’ve yet to really find any good sources for interesting new things. Recommendations welcome!)