Different Strokes

by Scott Steffes, Rincs, Jasper Stephenson, Cless Aurion and Alucard.

Different Strokes is a multiplayer collaborative art gallery. Anyone can come along and draw a picture – or modify an existing one. Visitors can also help out by curating what’s already there – voting pictures up and down.

The gallery is a wonderful space to explore! More and more wings pop up as you walk around, and there’s some really impressive artwork hidden away in there. The drawing tools are fun to use too, and the gallery feels like a really nice space to be in – full of cutesy NPCs who claim to be friends of the artists or who are haunting the gallery. I’ve visited a few times now, and I really love seeing how work I recognise evolves as more and more people make edits.

There’s a system in place to protect pictures with enough up-votes from vandalism, and remove bad stuff from the gallery – but in a game like this, the time to penis is zero, so unfortunately, all you can really do is delay the inevitable. Which makes it a really smart take on the most recent Ludum Dare theme, I think.

(content warning for, uh, user generated content.)

[Play online (itch.io)]

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  1. Respect to those artists who can make something happen with only 6 colors. All my attempts ended up looking like a child’s drawings.

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