by LightningSplash and RediblesQW.

I think this is by far the most popular game I’ve ever posted here – DOORS has had a staggering 100 millions plays since properly launching on Roblox last month, a number that’s difficult to even think about. DOORS is so polished that at first I assumed it was made by a big studio – I was shocked to discover that it’s made by just two people.

In DOORS, you make your way though an infinite chain of corridors, trying to get as far as you can. Each time you open a door, there’s a chance you’ll encounter one of several ghosts – for example:

  • There’s Rush, who runs past you and kills everything they touch. You just need to stay alert, and hide when you hear them approach.
  • There’s Eyes, who you can tell is close thanks to the distinctive blue light they cast on the walls nearby. You can’t look directly at them, so if they’re in the room, you need to face away and walk backwards.
  • There’s Seek, who spawns in long corridors and triggers a frantic chase sequence, with Temple Run style ducking under obstacles and sprinting around flaming hands.
  • There’s Screech, who hangs out in dark rooms and whispers in your ear before attacking. The only way to fight back is to stare directly at them.

And quite a lot more! This structure of endless rooms with individually named ghosts with behaviours to learn is really clever, and the whole thing is so nicely implemented. I’ve been thinking about this game a lot since I first played it. Highly recommended.

[Play on Roblox (account signup required)]


  1. honestly this is hard even to get past rush. was playing with 5 people they took all hiding spots and left me for dead. had me screaming everytime i got killed

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