by ivy sly.

Ok, so: in GRiPPY, you’re a blobby thing with two big arms and no legs. You can individually fling your arms around – Z for your left arm, X for your right. Hold the keys down to grab stuff and release them to let go. There aren’t exactly a lot of games in this “genre” – I mean I guess if I think very hard I can think of some other games it’s a little bit like, but it’s a very short list, and this isn’t really like any of those games.

Honestly, who would have thought this would be any good at all?! I’m impressed! At first it just seems like a bad concept – something you maybe think up at a game jam, but don’t actually, you know, MAKE.

GRiPPY defies my expectations and leans all the way into its strange concept, and somehow manages to make it all work. It has great controls, really nice level design and tonnes of weird charm.

(Via Tim at Warp Door, once again. Thanks!)

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  1. Hey Terry, just reading through some backlog games-of-the-week, and thought I’d mention that Devolver published an absolutely hilarious party game in this kind of “two arms that grab stuff” genre called “Heave Ho.” Up to four of you (and four are recommended) work together to reach goals with nothing but your arms to hold onto things and link together, and it’s just bursting with charm and funny design. I think it flew slightly under the radar for most, but it’s one of my favorite experiences in the last few years.

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