Memorial Pillage

by Ivan Zonotti’s MyMadnessWorks.

I just came across this really nice platformer from back in May that I missed – it’s a new game from the creator of Imscared and FIREWORK.

Memorial Pillage is a self-described “love letter to CORE’s Tomb Raider”, and focuses on the kind of weighty movement you don’t see in a lot of platformers anymore. Your movement has inertia – how far you jump depends on how fast you’re moving. Cool!

Over the last decade or so, it feels like indie platformers have settled on a kind-of “correct” way to do things, so it’s refreshing to play something that pulls in a different direction, and takes inspiration from places less explored.

Two quick notes for this one:

  • There’s an “optional” tutorial accessible from the main menu that really shouldn’t be optional, since it explains a couple of non-standard control things that are important. TLDP; you can drop through platforms by double tapping down, and if you press CTRL it slows down time.
  • Let me spare you some rage: you can’t walk into spikes from the side, or climb up onto a platform that has spikes on it. That place where you’re trying to do that? You can just jump right over them!

[Download for Windows (]

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