by Veddge and Thomas.

This is a custom level for Doom 2! Just a normal map of someone’s house, it seems?

… ok, ok, there’s more here than first appears. Part of what makes this cool is that it’s a “doom” thing, but don’t worry, you don’t need to be a true doom murderhead to appreciate it.

I recommend reading Eevee’s “gradually-unfolding list of tips” once you’ve played through the level!

[Download doom .pk3 file]

How to play a doom level in 2023:

  • First, just grab the level from the link above.
  • Next, download the latest version of GZDoom.
  • You ideally need a doom .WAD file from the commercial version of Doom 2 at this point – look for a DOOM2.WAD file in any version of Doom 2 and copy it into the GZDoom folder. (there are other options here if you don’t have Doom 2, but you’ll have to figure those out on your own.)
  • Drag the myhouse.pk3 file on to gzdoom.exe, and the level will start:


  1. It is important to emphasize strongly that one needs to download and use the file **myhouse.PK3**. Not myhouse.wad, not, but exactly the sixty-megabyte pk3.

    It is easy to get confused as there are a couple of files available for download and it feels obvious to download the zip and to play the myhouse.wad (the level is even called that!),

    But this way you will find yourself just wandering around the simple initial level — that’s not what you want.

    It’s mentioned in the hints as well, but needlessly hidden after a couple of “huge spoilers” tags.

  2. I tried playing with the Trailblazer pk3. It also broke this map, turning it into a simple house that I won quickly.

    Removing that… lead to some more interesting stuff.

  3. I take that back. I actually played it “correctly” the first time around.

    This map is insane! Even after completing it a second time (there is 10x the content) I read the forum topic and discover there is much more.

    .noisnemid tnereffid a ni kcuts ,mum noos kcab eB

  4. something’s wrong with it.. it added keys the third time I entered it when it didn’t had them.. I don’t think I have “safe” version of the map…

  5. I have made a serious amount of DOOM1-levels for 20 years ago. And l have an older pc, that runs with Windows XP. I do not date to put this on the internet, though. I have recently made three more beautiful levels, and I can easily run it all on my antique pc.
    Now I have a new pc too, witch runs Windows 11. My question is, how can i run my own levels on DOOM on my new pc, maybe with the new features such as looking and aiming up and down, etc.?

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