The Interval

by Sean Noonan, Dave Zhang, Coff and Bertrand Guegan.

An earnest “Wolfenstein 3D”-like with some modern influences! The gameplay is fluid and immediately fun, the art colourful and full of personality, the music and sound design is great as well. It has a story too, which is slight, but kind of charming – you play as a time traveller chasing another time traveller through time. I like how it uses the time travel thing to justify its old school game mechanics.

[Download for Windows (]

Ears Of The Killer

by garmentdistrict.

BB is back (this time, with her sister ZZ) to explore a new mystery in the latest “… of the killer” game!

I don’t know if the plan is to eventually put these in some kind of collection or what, but if you’ve been holding off for that: I wouldn’t! Think of each game like an episode of a weird cartoon-murder-mystery series – you really don’t have to start from episode one. It’s time to jump in!

[Download for Windows/Mac/Linux]


by Robert Yang.

Logjam is a lumberjack simulator – logs appear for you to chop, and you chop them, TWACK! Sometimes other things need chopping too. There’s a little timing challenge in chopping things just right, which feels really satisfying to master.

This is the newest game in Robert Yang’s series of games about gay sexuality – a series which includes, among other things:

  • Cobra Club: A dick-pic simulator about privacy and body image.
  • Stick Shift: A driving simulator about sex in videogames.
  • The Tearoom: A cottaging simulator about censorship and police surveillance.

These games are smart, funny, and incredibly well made! If you haven’t played any of them before, you’re in for a treat – I recommend checking out Robert’s blogpost about this one after you’ve played it.

(Content warning: This game has a penis in it, and you can see the penis.)

[Download for Windows/Mac/Linux (]