Zipline Obby

by Wild Roleplay.

Oh hey, I recognise that zipline! It’s EgoMoose‘s zipline script! (I used it myself in Climb the Giant Man.) What’s that? You’ve somehow made a huge 150 stage obby focused on it? Whattttt

So, this is a classic “blue sky” Roblox obby, which is a popular obby flavour that I have a guilty pleasure fondness for. You can see the whole world at once. Stages are short, and usually trivial. It’s often less about making each level stand out, and more about just having a lot of content with an occasional difficulty spike to keep things interesting. They’re great to play with a group, in ways you wouldn’t necessarily expect. I’m sort of fascinated by them.

Anyway, this game is definitely in that genre, and most of the levels are pretty simple. The way the zipline script works is that you hop on one end, and you’re zipped along to the end, with no further input needed. Honestly, I wouldn’t have thought there was much you could do with that, from a level design standpoint, but this game really surprised me! Cool game, with a lot of cool ideas, especially as you get further in.

[Play on Roblox (account signup required)]


by Stuffed Wombat.

This game is pretty slight – which makes sense, it was made in just two hours! But it does a very clever design thing that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before, so I’ve found myself thinking about it again and again. Let me tell you about the thing!

SLIPPY is a simple 2D platformer with a bunch of stages. But instead of having you complete each level in sequence, or, god-forbid, presenting you with a neatly arranged grid of levels to choose from, SLIPPY just randomly changes the level each time you fail.

You still have to do all the levels, to be clear, they’re just being fired at you in a random order, and if you fail you immediately get to try a new one! And this means the game ends with you dramatically alternating between the same 4 levels you’re stuck on, then 3, then 2, and finally just replaying the single hardest level. Amazing!

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Sylvie Lime

by Sylvie and Aria of Love ♥ Game.

It’s a new Slyvie platformer! Actually, this one’s already been out for a little while, but I was reminded to finally go and check it out thanks to its recent Nuovo nomination at the IGF!

In typical Sylvie fashion, it’s an untraditional-traditional platformer. Press the keys A through R to activate any of the many powers you’ll find across the game’s world, or press S through Z to become a lime.

I think the game is best experienced without being too over-explained – but I do recommend reading Andi McClure’s post about the game over on Cohost, which does a great job of talking about what’s cool about the game and why it’s so interesting from a design perspective.

[Download for Windows/Mac/Linux (]

Émile et moi

by Philippe Grenon.

Write a poem by jumping between platforms containing the next word. A bit like Action Painting Pro, but for Poetry! Here’s one I made earlier:

Brazen and despair 
Shall the moaning air and dead 
Nobody shall sing 
Cities all blood 

I was able to retrieve this because the game is set up to automatically tweet poems created in it (though, that might just be for the version currently running at the PoetryGames exhibition here in London). Here’s another less successful attempt I made.

[Play online (French)] | [Play online (English)]