by Toombler.

Level” is the game behind the first panel of the 2022 Confounding Calendar, an advent calender of tiny puzzle games, one for each day of December. Last year’s selection was great, so I’m excited to keep up with this year’s presents!

I really like the opening game this year – simple, novel, and perfectly constructed. An elegant start to the puzzling season!

[Play Online (itch.io)]


by Kate Barrett.

With Twitter in it’s death throes right now, some people I follow have been using the final days to retweet some of their greatest hits, for posterity. Which for me, has meant finding out about a bunch of cool stuff that I missed the first time around.

This is a Harry Potter parody game, made with assets ripped from one of the commercial games. It’s hilarious. Highly recommended!

[Download for Windows (glorioustrainwrecks)]



In this game, you teleport somewhere new every time your character blinks. This is a game about figuring out the rules of how that works, and using that knowledge to get to the end. It’s really great!

When you figure it all out, you can speedrun the whole thing in minutes, which I really love. (Some people have been calling this sort of thing a “knowledgevania”, or, even better, a “metroidbrainia”! Amazing.)

[Play Online (itch.io)]


by Bozó Attila Bertold

A short adventure game, originally intended as an entry to the recently finished Dungeon Crawler Jam – but the author ran out of time and ended up finishing it up afterwards. I can relate!

As well as having an absolutely gorgeous visual style, the design of the game’s “maze” is great – I really enjoyed figuring out the logic of how this world worked, which is constrained by only being able to make a certain number of steps from your starting point.

[Download for Windows (itch.io)]