paint everything everywhere!

by increpare and pancelor.

Here’s why a lot of people don’t like puzzle games, I think: they demand a perfect answer. The really good ones require you to sit back, stare at the screen for 10 minutes, and then finally make that single deliberate move that makes it all fall into place. Until you finally figure it out, some of these games can feel like you’re going around in circles – is this it? No? What about this? Aghh!

I really like this game because it rewards that process of going around in circles – you control two slidy pieces at the same time, and you’re trying to visit every square in the level. Each level feels like it’s a dozen puzzles super-imposed on-top of each other, and you’re solving bits and pieces of different puzzles each time you move. It feels playful and satisfying in a way that’s very rare for the genre.

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