Shroud House

by Ravancloak and Tophat.

Ohhh, cool, an OHRRPGCE* game!

Shroud House is a lo-fi, world of horror inspired RPG – you and your friends have decided to go check out a spooky house, said to be the the scene of something gruesome. The house is filled with monsters, but you can talk to the monsters, and make friends with them. Maybe.

This is a really nicely made haunted house, with lots of interesting locations to explore, and a good story! It’s very short, too, clocking in at about 10 minutes or so. Check it out!

[Download for Windows/Mac/Linux]

(via FreeGamePlanet. Thanks, once again!)

* OHRRPGCE is an old open source RPG making engine that I haven’t seen anyone use for a while. The first version of the editor was released in 1997! It’s really great – I used to love it, back when I was a literal teenager. Looks like it’s still getting updated – as recently as September, which upgraded the backend to SDL 2.


    1. I *suspect* there is, but I haven’t done it myself. Seems like it’s possible to get to the last fight without killing any of the monsters, and if you do that, maybe something changes. I didn’t try running, so maybe it’s that?

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