Slide in the woods

by Jonny’s Games.

I feel like comedy and horror have a lot in common. Is this just me? A lot of it is that both genres have a lot of carefully-timed empty space where you’re waiting for something to happen (or dreading it). But it’s about set-up as well – they’re both genres where someone embarks on a plan that’s obviously a bad idea, that’s clearly going to end badly, where all you can do is put a pillow up to your face and say “I can’t watch this anymore, tell me when it’s over”. I think this is why you get so much horror that ends up being unintentionally funny.

I really enjoyed this game. Though, while it’s all very scary, it always feels like less of a jump scare and more of a punchline.

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  1. WARNING: Possible Spoilers Ahead

    I tried this game and I feel like I am either missing something or else this game is waaay too tedious/difficult for me.
    I go down the slide several times, see the scary thing yank the cocoon man down, follow, and then its just darkness??

    At first I wondered if the game just didn’t tell you it was over (or it did and I missed it)…
    But I did it again and it seems like I’m supposed to get somewhere, somehow, but it’s not clear how I’m supposed to navigate sightlessly when the “wind” sound seems to never change.

    I started again without grabbing the flashlight and at least saw the “Hodl Relaese Crahwl blah blah” message, which confirms there’s more game, but I can’t for the life of me seem to get the intervals of HOLD and RELEASE “right” to satisfy the game so it’ll do… whatever is next.

    IDK, I’m just finding this game very frustrating so far and I don’t really get the point… should I keep trying? Look up a walkthrough? Just watch a YT Let’s Play instead?

    Anyway, sorry for posting this long rambling comment on your “found games” blog Terry.

    Apologies to the eponymous Jonny of “Jonny’s Games” as well; I do love the aesthetic and the idea (whatever it is exactly) seems interesting, it’s just the mechanics & purpose of this game eludes me I guess.

    1. That’s weird – I don’t remember getting lost like that, it always seemed clear where I could go next. It might be worth looking at a playthough video, yeah, I don’t think that’s the intended experience. Maybe you encountered a genuine bug? It happens!

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