by Luca Harris.

Starjump is, uh… hmm. As descriptions go, I really can’t improve on the author’s:

“You are a star that jumps (video gaming).”[Author’s Description]

This is an interesting thing! Honestly, top down platforming is kind of a strange starting point, so to make that work takes a fair bit of effort. I like it for the same reason I liked last month’s GRiPPY – because it takes a weird concept that a lot of other people might have dismissed, and really runs with it. The level design is great, too.

I also really like how it pulls against the usual PICO-8 aesthetics, with its unusual colour choices and its “please open this in a separate tab before you play” style soundtrack – something I think I’ve only seen with twine games? This is a very nicely made, cohesive feeling thing.

Do this first -> [Play soundtrack in a background tab]

Then, start the game -> [Play on Lexaloffle BBS]

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