Lost in Firefly Forest

by Casper van Dommelen.

I spotted this game in Newgrounds’ Last Week/By Rating sort, one of the places I keep an eye on for interesting new freeware games. But it turns out, this game’s actually from 2020 – it just happens to be new to Newgrounds. Oh well! It’s the best thing I played this week, so let me tell you about it.

Lost in Firefly Forest is a game about being lost in a forest, and solving riddles. Every path you take through these Lost Woods leads to another identical crossroad – so to make progress, you need to solve puzzles found on scraps of paper throughout the forest. It starts out pretty easy (at first, notes will literally tell you exactly what to do), and then starts to get a bit more escape-room-y towards the end.

It’s interesting to compare this to the excellent (and more recent) Cursed Travels, another game by the same author that I posted last year. In a lot of ways, that game feels like a big advance conceptually on this – but I think I kind of prefer the simplicity of this game.

[Play online (itch.io)]

Captain Kim’s Night Shift

by Mani & Romeo.

You are Ensign Kim, officer on the USS Voyager, and you’ve been left alone to pilot the ship during the night shift. Yes, from Star Trek! This little game surprised me by being a lot funnier and more playful than I was expecting.

If you like this, I can also recommend Red Shirt Alert – by the same authors, released just over a week ago. I can only hope this means we’re in for a series!

[Play online (lexaloffle.com)]